I've been thinking about this for a little bit but I've never actually pin pointed what things inspire me in my design. To elaborate I know what I like and don't like but I've never pin pointed what pieces of media actually fuel me in design. So for this piece I'm going to go through all different kinds of media, movies, books, TV, music, and how they inspire me. No games because it's actually in my opinion counter intuitive to take inspiration from video games but that's just me.

Might be a bit long but there are a lot and some that people might have noticed on the off chance but never looked into which will be interesting.

(warning some of the stuff I watch and read is not for the faint of heart, if you can't handle nudity and gore don't read any further)


Alejandro Jodorowsky's

- The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain is a very mystical movie, it's drenched in spiritual imagery and is a movie about enlightenment. It is however a very inaccessible movie. It delves into themes of life and death and also the shackles and virtues of humanity, along with themes of religion but not necessarily Christianity but in fact the idea of religion.

- imagery like this leaves me awestruck and I signify with it a lot.

- imagery like this leaves me awestruck and I signify with it a lot.

I get most of my crazy imagery inspiration from The Holy mountain but also a lot from Alejandro Jodorowsky. he is a very mythical and spiritual person himself and that shines through in all his film making. I get a lot from watching his films mostly for how incredible Alejandro Jodorowsky's set direction and costume design is, his films are as surreal as it gets and I personally find a lot of meaning and inspiration within them.

Spike Jonze's
- Her

Her is a recent film and strangely become one of my favourites. I don't like romance movies the majority of them are terrible and are devoid of any actual thought, they're very brainless as they are almost all the same. Her however is an incredible contemporary romance about human connection and closeness, it will make you think about the future and will make you think a lot about emotions that you're sometimes not okay thinking about.

- the office designed for the movie on the left, an actual scene from the movie on the right.

- the office designed for the movie on the left, an actual scene from the movie on the right.

I guess I get a lot of my minimalist design from this film because it depicts a sensible future that the world isn't far off. The costumes, architecture and colours fit so well into what I strive in design, the movie is generally a breath of fresh air and an inspiration in my design. 

Stanley Kubrick's
- 2001: A Space Odyssey

One of the best films ever made, it's my 2nd favourite film of all time. Stanley Kubrick was a genius, a visionary and one of the best film makers who ever lived. 2001 Space Odyssey was his magnum opus even if he disagreed with it himself before he died, stating that he only tipped the surface with what film making could become after it.

- film making porn

You don't have to like 2001 but you have to appreciate it, it is one of the best shot films in history, perfect pans and establishing shots, stuff I love in films. I haven't much to say about it because it's perfect. I take a lot of the scene establishment shots this movie does into my design work, because movie making techniques have cross over into games in certain areas. I have never made a movie and I never will but I do understand the craftsmanship that movies like this require and I get inspired by it.

Hideko Anno's
- Neon Genesis Evangelion + The End of Evangelion

It was coming, anyone that knows me knew this was coming. I put both the series and the movie together because... they're sort of one entity you can't just not watch the show and not the movie. 

- Evangelion is in a sense a story about Sex, Life and Death

Neon Genesis Evangelion and End of Evangelion to me is the greatest movie of all time, it transcends being a show/movie and becomes an art piece. The animation, direction, writing all come together to create a story about Sex, Life and Death that delves into personal existence.

It is a harsh, emotional, and powerful. My inspirations from the show stem from it's theming and styling, the show is reminder to me that you can create evocative experiences and people will see what you're trying to convey.

I'm not going to delve into it much but just watch evangelion, find out for yourself if you like it.


J.D. Salinger
- The Catcher In The Rye

Don’t ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody.
— Holden Caulfield

Everyone read this during highschool, and while the book is very much a teenagers coming of age book it still holds some credence and is a good dissection at some one who is obviously messed up.

I think the thing that inspired me about this book especially was the fact that Holden never actually says or airs his problems out loud but instead shows it. The book reminds me that saying and explaining things is an awful way of doing story telling and how treating the reader with intelligence actually makes for a way more engaging experience.

I take a lot of this and actually apply it to my design work in some areas.

Jesse Schell
- The Art Of Game Design

Don't have to say much this book is like a bible for game design.

Kentaro Miura
- Berserk

Berserk is one of the best dark fantasy stories ever made, it's a story about control and delves into some dark, dark, dark parts of it. If you've ever thought about reading it and are a person that's easily turned off by gore, and some other explicit topics I won't mention, don't read berserk. That being said it handles all these themes tastefully where most other Japanese story tellers would take the chance to use it as a platform for pandering. It inspires me to create stories of equal depth and complexities and push boundaries but also remind me how to do them well.

I have so many books, like I still read books today but a lot of them aren't enough inspirational ones and are just entertainment so I'll leave them at that.


David Lynch's
- Twin Peaks

Twin peaks is by the mad man known as David Lynch a director most notably known for horror movies but never the less a mad man.

the sandwich scene....

The inspirations stem from the fact I love Southern American town settings, the sleepier the better. The whole show just emits this tone that no other show has done, twin peaks is it's own beast. The show is just this weird tone/theme that hits all the right spots for me, it's huge inspiration.

Damon Lindelof

I followed LOST for the 6 years it ran, and it was incredibly interesting. For a series to go that long and to have so much going on all at once is outstanding, and just another inspiration for me in a long line of media to look up too. In regards to design, the vagueness of LOST is something I look to do time and again and I try to base it off LOST's methods where all the answers are right in front of you, you just have to look harder.


Joy Division

I didn't know how tragic Joy Division was till years later, I remember my young self listening to their songs unbeknownst how tragic and depressing all the songs are. I guess part of my inspiration stems from how emotional you can make something and have it mean something in the future to someone you'll never meet.


Björk the musician as a whole is a huge inspiration to me as her songs are the only ones I've known to pack so much meaning into each one. While a lot of her songs are personal to her experiences, I still admire and get inspired by how she's able to convey such powerful emotions and that sort of speaks to me.


Nirvana pioneered the grunge genre and while I'm not into grunge that much (cause a lot of it isn't good) I still listen to Nirvana and find meaning in a ton of their songs much like I do with Joy Division and The Smiths.

Violent soho

It inspired my first assignment in design "Get Lost"  with its very moody and ghostly tone.

I guess with music it comes down to how I'm feeling at the time but as I look back at music I am generally inspired by entire bands discography and I can't just list off and explain how each song somehow relates to me.

Final note:
pretty happy I did this as it actually helped me figure out where I get a majority of inspiration from and surprisingly not as much from music as I thought it would be. But the inspirations from music I get tend to be connected to sections of experiences I've had so I tend to connect the songs to those experiences. Whenever a concept is inspired by that experience I'll generally listen to the songs from that moment.