Malcom Turnbull experiencing a digital recreation of a world listed Buddhist Grottoes. Something he's quite willing to enjoy but at the same time stop all together. Click on photo to view source.

Malcom Turnbull experiencing a digital recreation of a world listed Buddhist Grottoes. Something he's quite willing to enjoy but at the same time stop all together.
Click on photo to view source.

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What has happened

Malcom Turnbull has decided that 478 vocational courses will be dropped from the list of subjects eligible for taxpayer funded support in the form of student loans; 374 courses will continue to be supported. Of 70 creative arts courses previously eligible for funding, only 13 are now available according to the government’s new criteria. The eligible courses which remain are:

  • Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services

  • Diploma of Graphic Design

  • Diploma of Music Industry

  • Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging

  • Diploma of Screen and Media

  • Diploma of Visual Arts

  • Advanced Diploma of Live Production and Management Services

  • Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design

  • Advanced Diploma of Creative Product Development

  • Advanced Diploma of Music Industry

  • Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media

  • Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts

  • Diploma of Furniture Design and Technology

Now my first thought isn’t fury or anger but rather disgust in what our country considers rational and useful industries, this is what a representative from the turnbull government had to say

To develop this list, the Turnbull Government has run a test over all of the different diploma-level and above qualifications that are out there to ensure they are on at least two state and territory skills needs lists, and we’ve looked at other areas of high economic need, such as STEM skills or agricultural skills, to make sure the list represents our national economic priorities.
— Minister for Education and Training Simon Birmingham

My thoughts

I'd like to highlight my personal experiences of going through a tax payer funded course just to give some background on my feelings.

So I'm not extremely wealthy I'm quite financially poor, but tax payer funded courses gave me the means to work towards my dream and give me opportunities I haven't been able to gain anywhere else. While I am poor I still work towards paying off my debt, I put money towards it every week. without tax payer funding I wouldn't have been able to achieve all I have in the time I have. I have so much going against me in my life and the simple fact that I can take out a loan to do this course that is bringing my closer to my dream, is a god send and I don't think I'd ever be happy or fulfilled in life if I didn't undertake it.

I should also like to point out that the Turnbull government thinks this will bring integrity back to the vocational educational sector...

So straight away I'll just say it, this isn't the fault of the arts Turmbull it's the fault of you. Australia has one of the biggest and strongest creative pools in the world that you fail to support. For years Australia has been home to some of the worlds most talented individuals who scrape to find work. There is money to be found here Turnbull, money to be made and spent that will go towards home grown efforts.
But you and your party seem intent on blaming the courses that serve these incredible industries.
These are serious courses that serve to push art and bring in talent to the industry. Saying that these courses don't serve a purpose in helping our economy is insanity.

Not only are you devaluing the work of hundreds and thousands, you are outright telling anyone in a creative field that you don't care about them. Trying to twist the tale by talking about how it's benefiting students and taxpayers is just another scheme by you to continually drag the arts down.

Another point I'd like to make is how soul crushing it is to know that anyone growing up in Australia will have to know how limited their creative educational curriculum is going to become; because of you Turnbull. Because you believe that only people who can afford to do these courses are allowed to undertake them. It's been proven time and time again that allowing severely disadvantaged people the opportunity to undertake the course they want has positive results for the student, school and industry. Someone who was like me, who is starting their Tertiary education, who don't have the financial means will now have an incredibly tough time trying achieve their dream.

October the 23rd is still a while away send all the email you can to this address to make a difference

If you work in any creative field just remember this
Malcom Turnbull thinks you as creatives:

  • Will not benefit Australia
  • Are not legitimate
  • Don't deserve to study
  • Thinks you aren't viable

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