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COG is a grid based single player isometric puzzle game where players swap controls between two robots trying to escape a factory. Players utilise each robots different abilities to reach the end of each level.

The game is a blast from the past and aims to recreate the retro puzzle feel of the 90's.

The game has been showcased at EB Games Expo and PAX AUS to much critical acclaim and love.



Determination, hardship, iteration and the long haul to happiness

COG has been mountainous project for me to conquer and work on. I worked in a team of six as the Game Designer and Producer. The vision we held as a group was to create something of a reputable quality as a junior production. We wanted polish and a window to show our skills equally as a Artists, Programmer and Designer.

COG originally started as a minimalist sokoban style puzzler in concept, and eventually found its audience through the classical retro partner puzzler it is today.

My role as the Game Designer was developing a flow of tutorialised levels which taught players through play rather than tell or show. Experimentation was key and the challenge for me as a designer was handcrafting the levels and trying to find the balance between teaching players whilst also allowing them have fun without frustrating them. This in turn required iteration upon iteration upon iteration. Throughout the 2.5 month production we held continuous public iteration of the project which ended at 8 public tests including our time running the booth at EB Games Expo in Sydney as well as PAX AUS in Melbourne. I pushed hard for us to meet those showcases and they in turn allowed the game to flourish to a point where players were hitting the desired pace I wanted and allowed players to have more fun.

As a producer my role was ensuring the team's well being was checked and also to make sure we met our goals and milestones. As a producer I consistently bought out the best of my talented team and allowed them to reach heights of their skills they hadn't yet reached. I was proud, lucky and happy to work with them. They helped me get past my difficult and tough moments of production and in turn I gave them the very best I could as a leader and producer.

All in all COG to this day is my proudest project. It made me hit my mark as a puzzle designer and allowed me to flourish as a producer.

You can download and play a small version of COG and reach the other team members pages by clicking the button below or link below





Release date

early version 2016
complete version TBA