UX/UI Designer


GO FAR is a product for your car that analyses your cars data when you drive in order to make you a better driver. It uses a dongle and device called the "RAY" to analyse your car every time you go out to drive. 

GO Far reached out to me and a group of designers to start gamifying their device to make it a more engaging experience. We ended up creating an app that would encourage better driving over time. 

GOFAR logs, scores and improves your driving with beautiful, real-time feedback as you drive

- Save up to 26% on fuel

- Log all your trips

- Track expenses

- Monitor and reduce emissions

- Works on all gasoline, hybrid and diesel cars

- Works on many other gasoline / petrol cars since 2003.

- Works on iPhone 4s and upwards.

- Works on Android version 4.3 and upwards


Finding worth and reason through UI/UX design

Me and some other designers were tasked with creating a new UI/UX system for the GO FAR experience. Our particular task was to find a way to improve the way drivers skills, eco-efficiency and safety in real time driving.

I made a presentation that explains the concept that you can look at by clicking the button below.


You can find out more about GO FAR by clicking the button below




iPhone 4s (and onwards), Android 4.3 (and onwards)

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