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Gunscape provides a toolbox full of inconic weapons, monsters and level elements as the foundation for players to build co-op, and single-player, FPS levels or MP Arenas in the most intuitive way possible. It does so by offering a series of simple tools based on a block-placement interface that many gamers will be familiar with. Unlike similar tools Gunscape aims to empower its authors to enjoy the process of abstract level design by imposing refreshing restraints that map communities enjoy. Rather than building a game players will build a level within a game that features robust action and a vast array of weapons, enemies and components.


QA, Certification and guns!

I was a Quality Assurance Intern at Blowfish Studios and one of the projects I was apart of was Gunscape. A throwback FPS to the golden age of shooters where players were capable of making their own levels and playing them with friends. My responsibility for QA on this project was to ensure modes, levels, mechanics, UI, controls and other systems were working up to the quality standards Blowfish Studios is known for.

I was also apart of the certification process for the game. Part of this involved communicating with other QA teams ensuring bugs relevant to certain consoles were logged properly. 

Since the game was also already released I was also part of the process of helping find bugs that the Gunscape community had managed to find. I helped in logging those so that the developers could create fixes for the community



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PS4, XboxOne, PC

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