Level Designer

Ryan was a great asset to the the team in the development of Polycryst, his ideas and designs were eye opening and provided engaging experiences for the player
— Nick Karras, lead artist
Ryan is a highly motivated designer with a professional attitude. It was an absolute pleasure working with him on Polycryst.
— James Addison, programmer


Ready to Roll demands that mind and body work as one to solve mind bending puzzles using world rotation and gravity. Solve increasingly tougher puzzles and intensely active arenas across 60 levels as you confront the ultimate in puzzle platformer difficulty.

How to Play
Choose one of three different control schemes to navigate each level without falling off or touching the walls of death! Grab bonus tokens in each level to purchase new skins for pure gaming pleasure. And don't forget to jump!


60 levels
8 ball skins
Smooth, clean artstyle
180 collectibles
8 challenging puzzle elements (ice floors, bouncy walls, and more!)


Level design, planning, pr

I had a fantastic time working on ready to roll, which is what the project is called now. I was apart of the project when it was called Polycryst which was an advanced prototype of what the game is today. My role Revelop Games which is now known as Plain Box Games was to help make levels for the game during a time when the game needed the abundance of levels. I also aided in determining the projects most ideal route for profitability in the mobile market. It was the first commercial game I worked on as a level designer and it aided in determining my place in the game development pipe line early on.

Polycryst taught me a lot about the game development pipeline and what it takes to complete a mobile game. it taught me a lot about working with others how to work in a professional environment with deadlines for events, something that was invaluable when it came to working on future projects.



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